Tadeusz Szałamacha, M.A.
Sworn Translator of the English Language
Minister of Justice of the Republic of Poland List no. TP/6205/05
Subway Business English
Translation Agency in Wroclaw / est. in 1993


We offer high quality translation services (including certified) in the following areas: - law - architecture - electrical/mechanical engineering - art - technology - medicine - finances and banking - advertising and marketing - economics - research papers - construction - environmental protection

Certified translations of all kinds of documents: - Vital Records certificates - court pleadings - school certificates - agreements/contracts - National Court Registry certificates - opinions - Articles of Associations - official documents

Since we began providing our services in 1993 we have translated a wide variety of texts (more than 30 000 pages) for over one hundred companies and a few thousand individual customers.


The rates in the table below refer to so called one calculation page which is 1500 characters (or 1125 characters in the case of certified translation) – counted with spaces between characters in L2 - target language (the one into which a text is translated) and rounded up to the whole page. The price primarily depends on deadline and technical difficulty of the text (easy or specialist).




REGULAR (depending on orders in pipeline, translation is ready in two/three working days – up to 10 pages/day)



URGENT (translation is ready on the next working day provided it is ordered and its acceptance is confirmed before 12:00)



EXPRESS (translation is ready on the same working day provided it is ordered and its acceptance is confirmed before 12:00)



Certification of translation


Certification of text without translation

50% of rate

Proofreading (regular/urgent/express)

15 / 20 / 30

Certified copy of translation (1 page)

50% of rate

The prices are without VAT (23%)

Long deadlines (over 20 days,) long texts (over 20 pages) or complicated layout (tables, graphs, format other than WORD, etc.) can increase or decrease the price by to 10%.

We do not subcontract other translators.


cell phone: +48 603-582-594

Translations can be ordered by e-mail

Office hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Address: Heblarska 30, Wroclaw 53-206

Due to frequent translation trips, preferable prior cell or e-mail contact.

Call: 603-582-594


Biuro Tłumaczeń
Języka Angielskiego
mgr Tadeusz Szałamacha

ul. Heblarska 30
53-206 Wrocław

GSM 603-582-594



  • tłumaczenia zwykłe
  • specjalistyczne
  • poświadczone (przysięgłe)



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